Tiger 2

Tiger Head #2

The still unfinished, second in a series of larger scale paintings, tentatively titled ‘let the flowers bloom’, expanded on Raul’s Fuck/Luck painting and takes the traditional Oaxacan tiger head and strips it down to the bare bones.  Inspired by a quote “let a hundred flowers blossom” from Mao Zedong, Raul was drawn to consider “perhaps we should do as those one hundred flowers, and expand our idea of what reality is, concerning death.”  The cold and dead imagery of the tiger skull left dark under the earth is juxtaposed by the live growing and blooming above.  Although, not completed, the painting will include lush florals adorning a robustly growing agave plant.  The rich plant life is connected to the ground by a desert sunset, showing a mystical time of day in which old Sonoran shamans believe the land of the living and the dead overlap. The imagery is also reminiscent of the traditional Mexican sarape textile.

Acrylic on Canvas.  60 ” x 48 “